I was born in South Africa and after qualifying as a dentist I emigrated to the UK. Living in London and being exposed to the multicultural and its diverse communities I soon became interested in different cultural customs, religions, medical treatments and philosophies that form the foundations of other communities in London. I became interested in alternative medicine, qualifying first as an acupuncturist and later as an homoeopath giving me an understanding of holistic approaches, meditative approaches, to treating people and managing life’s problems in different ways.

As a young boy I was always interested in music and art. I love to draw, usually with pencil or charcoal, the infinitely fluctuating curves, textures and forms of nature as manifest in plants, trees, and human beings. But my real passion is music. The flow the waves, the blending of different instruments and tones have always been fascinating to me. As a young man I played the bugle in the bugle band, and later the trumpet in the orchestra, and then at university, I learned to sing protest songs while playing the guitar. Along my travels in alternative medicine I came across the 18th-century concept of the Music of the Spheres, and music therapy that was based on tuning in to beneficial and enriching harmonies while tuning out of discordant sounds. All of this led me back to religion as some of the most uplifting and inspiring music has been composed to enhance spirituality and favourably altered states of consciousness, focused on the metaphysical as opposed to the physical.

All this comes together in the books that I have written, sometimes emphasising religious aspects, sometimes exploring music and harmonics, and it pervades my professional life in so far as my awareness and sensitivity to alternative strategies of managing illness and promoting wellness, lie at the core of the preventive care that I professionally promote.

In my professional life, I am a specialist dentist who has devoted his professional career entirely to the management of gum disease, and preventative care. I have also maintained a lifetime attachment to academia, and as a Senior Research Fellow at one of the dental schools in London I have published over 120 papers, and even published a book on practical aspects of managing gum diseases (“Periodontics: Current Concepts and Treatment Strategies”, Martin Dunitz, London , 2001, ISBN: 1-85317-981-7). I am also an internationally recognised and highly respected educator for the postgraduate courses and lectures on practical aspects managing dental and gum disease related problems which I have presented in the UK, Europe, India, the USA, South Africa, Turkey, Scandinavia and elsewhere.